Rating explanation

ICO rating methodology

Rating is not permanent – we are monitoring the ICOs on daily basis and every day new experts are joining and rating the ICOs.
The rating from 0 to 5 is assigned to the ICO for idea, team, ICO structure, business strategy and investment potential.
The ratings are effected by a lot of factors, such as, for example – project status, team token part, competitors, team previous experience etc.
Some of the ICOs do not fit in only rating shell. For example project idea and strategy looks good. But the project has some suspicious team members, or maybe all of them were involved in some fraud schemes before, or there are no information about them. Even if the rating for a team would be – 0, project still can have good rating overall.

As a solution ICOcritic.org invented additional labels for a projects:

Superstar ICO

One of the best ICO’s on the list. All constituents of the project looks great. We higly recommend to participate in it.



This ICO looks very fine for our analytical team, we recommend to participate in it.


Strong team

Great balance between technical and management teams. Top advisors involved in a project.


Brilliant idea

The project has unique and beneficial idea.


Anonymous team

The team of the project is undeclared. We do not recommend to participate in this ICO.



This project looks suspicious and has some fraud looking attributes. Be careful with this project.


Not recommended

We don’t see any potential in this project. We do not recommend to participate in this ICO.