About the project


ICOcritic.org is an independent ICO review / rating agency that issues independent analytical research for all types of ICOs. We’re developing a benchmark for the evaluation of Projects planning on an ICO (initial coin offering).
Company’s experts provide investors with the information that helps them to to make informed and reasoned decisions about investments in ICO projects.
We deeply and carefully analyse most important parts of the ICOs, such as: Project idea, Project team, ICO structure, Business model/strategy, Investment potential.


ICOcritic.org analytical team consists of leading professionals from the investment and fin-tech industries. Each of team members has extensive experience in internet business, crowdfunding and blockchain industries, as well as how to conduct comprehensive evaluation of companies and their projects.
We are industry pioneers, one of the first who believed in Bitcoin and saw a blockchain technology, as something what will change the future.


All ratings published on ICOcritic.org serve informational purposes only. ICOcritic.org does not provide investment forecast, recommendations or any consulting for that matter. Thus, neither ICOcritic.org, nor the experts can be hold responsible for the visitors’ investment decisions.
ICOcritic.org highly recommends visitors to conduct independent analysis or turn to professional services for making any investment decisions.
ICO ratings published on ICOcritic solely represent the opinions of the experts providing it. The experts conduct the ratings based on their professional experience, publicly available information (whitepapers, roadmaps, interviews, reports) and possibly dialogues with the ICO project management team. And while we hold ourselves and our experts accountable to high professional standards, we keep the right to have human mistakes and misjudgement based on our and our experts’ personal circumstances.
We reserve the right to change (delete or update) information and to correct any mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions at any given time without prior notice, as we are constantly working on the ICOcritic.org website.